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Works of YAH in my life - Part 2


 08/2008 - We have come to the understanding that we are not supposed to wear mixed material (according to Lev. 19:19 and Deut. 22:11).  So, I went through all my clothing and got rid of everything that was a 'mix of materials'.  Let me just say,'This was a very difficult task!'.  I released A LOT of clothing that I, really, liked.  What does YAH do?  I receive a call from my sister.  She has done a clothing cleansing (for different reasons) and wanted me to come over and take what I want!  It didn't end there!  My neighbor inherited clothing from his mom (she passed away).  He told me that I could have whatever I wanted.  Guess what?  His mom was the EXACT size as me!  Everytime time we step out in Faith, to be  OBEDIENT to The Most High, HE opens HIS Storehouse!  Praise YAH (HalleluYAH)!

01/2009 New - When my child was born (2002), I was also injured by the hospital (besides them nearly killing me).  My right shoulder and arm had excruciating pain flowing through it, and some days I couldn't even use it.  My arm would be limp.  Glenn had been praying for a healing on my right shoulder and arm for roughly a year and a half.  While we were in Israel, I received a healing.  To this day (06/2012), I am still reaping the benefits of a fully functional right shoulder and arm!  Praising YAH!  

02/2009 - Coming back from Israel was a very interesting time.  Mainly because we had to depart from Amman, Jordan.  We received so many blessings along the way, I may not be able to remember them all.  I am going to post the ones that I do remember, though.

We first had to get to Jordan which required a lot of research.  There's about 3-4 border crossing options.  The best option, for us, was to cross into Aqaba.  It takes a full day to get down there from Ariel, Israel.  We got there safely and a cheap cab to the border (a rarity). 
<<Blessing #1>>
Then we stayed 2 nights at a sister's place.  We had the place (a huge place) to ourselves.  She was in Switzerland for the winter.
<<Blessing #2>>
The son of the sister who let us stay in her home, got us the cheapest cab ride up to the Amman Airport (a 4 hr. trip) for $52.
<<Blessing #3>>. 
The 4 hr. trip turned into 6 hrs.  We hit a horrible sand storm and then it started pouring rain, which caused traffic to come to a screeching halt.  We texted out prayer requests and traffic started moving and the sand storm subsided...we got there safely. 
<<Blessing #4>>
We got to the airport about 3 hrs. before they would let us into the main airport (where the food was).  The airport staff came and got us a half hour early before they normally let anyone in.
<<Blessing # 5>> 
Passing thru security was very interesting.  Women have to go into a private quarter (cause they're muslim).  I was dressed very Israeli, like.  Just one difference, I don't hide my hair under my head scarf.  The ladies made a big deal about my hair (in a good way).  They really liked seeing my hair.  This was thru 2 different security points.  This was a very personal blessing cause they could have gotten really nasty with me (being in a private room and all).
<<Blessing # 6>>
 Then we get to JFK, NY.  We arrived 2 hrs. earlier than the time we would be allowed to enter the main airport.  But, YAH allowed us to find favour in the eyes of the ticket agent.  She issued us 'official business' tickets to go into the main airport, right then and there.  With the stipulation that we not check in, at the gate, for at least 2 hrs.  Or else, she would have gotten in trouble.  We honored it, of course! 
<<Blessing # 7>>
When you come back to the States, from a foreign country, we are required to pass through customs.  YAH gave us favour again!  We didn't have to pass through customs.  They just waved us on to the terminals!
<<Blessing # 8>>
06/2012  I haven't recorded anything lately, but my blessings still abound.  The Almighty is Always On Time!  I will attempt to be more disciplined and keep better track of my blessings...and, yes, spankings ;<>  Because The Father that disciplines is the Loving Father! 


More to come as I think of it!

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