Mat. 5: 18 ...till the heaven & earth pass away,

not one jot or tittle shall pass from the Torah till all be done.

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The Works of Yahueh in my Life

Isa 65:24 "And it shall be that before they call, I answer. And while they are still speaking, I hear.

This happens more and more in my life everyday!  HalleluYAH!

We are back from Israel (02/2009) and I will be adding more to this page as time allows.

10/26/2002 - For the past 4 -5 days I was having pains in my left chest going all the way around to the middle of my back, my blood pressure was elevated and my water broke. I was 8 mos. Pregnant. Glenn rushed me to the hospital and the Dr. wanted to do a C-section. My prayers began. Of course, beginning with repentance for my sins. I asked YAH, ‘no matter what happens, to please save my child‘. While preparing me for the procedure, I started having trouble breathing (every time I think of this, I still have slight anxiety over it). The staff had to resuscitate me 2 times. I was talking to YAH the whole time. I told HIM that I was ready to go, if it was my time, but please save my baby! I remember things went black but my brain was still praying to Yahueh. Although the staff said I didn’t respond to anything they were telling me to do, I tried and heard everything they were saying. Even the head nurse telling Glenn, and my mom to quiet down, and eventually kicking them out of the room. They were yelling to me and I saw Glenn waving his arms to get my attention. The doctors came out to Glenn and told him that he had to make a choice of who to save - me or the baby. I made it very clear, very early on, that the baby gets saved no matter what happens. Glenn told them they better save both of us!

When in surgery I heard a man say, ‘I hope this is enough because I can’t give her anymore’. It was some ‘forget what happened’ drug. Next thing I knew, I was feeling a long burning sensation on my tummy. Then I heard someone ask, ‘so what did she have?’ and then my little man crying. All of sudden, it felt like my organs were being tossed from across the room back into my body. I kept thinking, ‘please get done already’! When I finally was conscious, I was so thankful that YAH let me live to see my little man. I told my sister ‘that I felt everything’ and the nurse said, ‘there was no way’ .  My sister proceeded to tell her everything that I had written to her. I couldn’t talk because they had me on a respirator, which I kept trying to take out. I thought I was breathing on my own. We later found out that the nurse overdosed me with magnesium. This incident may seem minor to some but to me it was a Miracle from YAH. HE is great and greatly to be praised! HE not only let my baby live, but HE let me live too!

2002 - Before we fully understood when the true Sabbath really was, Glenn had taken a job (he ran his own business) that was on the Sabbath.  Then we found out, and fully understood, that the Sabbath was on the 7th day (Saturday). Glenn & I discussed canceling this job, so we don't break the Sabbath.  He was very concerned that he was going to lose work and, possibly, be put out of business.  Well, he canceled that job, and no, they were NOT all.  Glenn thought, 'This is it for my business'.  Before Glenn knew it, he was getting so much work, he could not keep up.  He had to turn work away, he got so busy.  PRAISE YAH!  HE held TRUE to blessing us for obedience!!


I'll even include the spankings that I received ;<>

11/2004 - Coming from a brethren’s home in OH, we waited till the last minute to find a place to stay before Sabbath started. The one place that we finally found was closed. We settled that we would stay at a Walmart (they let RV’s stay free), all of a sudden our sway bar ball busted off and the trailer was just swinging behind us. Of course, now we have to do business on the Sabbath, to get another ball. Next morning we get on the road, trailer swinging like crazy, we get to an RV shop to have it replaced. We get on the road and the sway ball breaks again! Praise YAH, Glenn thought to get an extra ball. We’re feeling really spanked by this time. I said in my heart that I would fast for breaking the Sabbath. Well, I ate! Next thing I know, I’m starting to get an upset stomach ( I only ate a PB & J and chips - one of my favorites). This little upset stomach progressed into nausea and it went on for hours (all the while the trailer is causing the truck to rock back and forth). We stopped for some ginger ale and by the time we got near Glenn’s sisters house, I broke out in a cold sweat and vomited profusely. Oh, was I sick! When we got to Glenn's sister's, I was feeling better and then the next morning, I felt fine. I never made a vow, to YAH, after that and not keep it. AND, we never broke the Sabbath after that! It took about 3 yrs. before I ate another PB&J sandwich.

01/20/2005 - When we were in TX helping a widow, Yahweh gave me words for the widow's oldest daughter whom was dishonoring her mother. My being was completely taken over with the Words, ‘The forces of the Lord are against you Sarah’, 3 times. I didn’t think much of it. I did tell her mother though. She insisted it was a Word from Yahweh, but I just blew it off. Finally, in March, I was able to tell Sarah what happened to me. Sarah rejected the message, and said ‘that can’t possibly be true!‘ And, that evening, after I delivered the message to her, while putting my son to bed, he said 'Sarah is dying', 'Sarah is dying', 'Sarah is gone' (he was only 2). Just 2 days later, she ROLLED HER CAR!!! AND, was still in denial that YAH was trying to get her attention. She was so sure of her righteousness that she couldn't see her error. Too boot, the message was coming from a new believer, so I couldn’t possibly know anything about The Spirit (I was YAH‘s proverbial donkey). Scary stuff! Because she lived thru the car accident, I believe she was dying spiritually.

3/2005 - While in TX, my entire being was overtaken with the feeling that I should speak Yahweh and Yahshua's True Names ONLY and Glenn agreed. BUT, the widow we were helping told us, ‘you can't do that, people will think you're a snob‘. Well, she was wrong! When I speak the true names, to Christians, it peaks INTEREST and then the questions flow. What a witness!


 5/2005 - While we were back home visiting relatives, we were getting deep feelings that we shouldn’t go back to TX (where the widow was) and stay, possibly, indefinitely. We were planning on taking ALL of our stuff to TX. We needed to know quickly what we should do. Thru very specific prayer (asking for a quick answer), Yahweh answered! We got our answer within a couple of hours and we were NOT to go back and stay. YAH’s answer came right from the widow.

We went back to retrieve our stuff and came back to DE. We didn’t know why YAH removed us from helping her at the time but it is all very clear now...she was telling us to reject HIS Name!

06/2005 - On our final way back to DE, from TX, a tire blew out on our trailer. It was the tire facing the highway and everyone was driving 80+ mph. Whenever someone is stuck on the side of the road, I always pray for their safety. I was very scared for Glenn because there wasn’t much of a shoulder. I was praying to Yahweh, with my son, for Glenn’s safety. Glenn came back within minutes and said he probably won’t be able to change the tire because his jack wasn’t powerful enough. So he went back to the tire to see what he could do. I continued praying, asking Yahweh if anyone would return the favor of praying for us to be safe on the side of the road. And asking Yahweh if anyone would stop and help Glenn because he has helped A LOT of people stuck on the side of the road.

Shortly after I finished praying, a Uhaul truck stopped and I got really scared because I thought of those snipers that were in the MD/VA area a couple of years ago. So, I laid on the horn, trying to get Glenn’s attention. When the guy came from around his truck, I was slightly relieved that he was wearing a U Haul uniform. He went back with Glenn to see what was up. Well, this guy comes back to his truck and lifts the door and he had EVERYTHING you could ever need to change a tire (a compressor, tires, power tools, power jack, etc). This guy, Buddy, was a worker! We were out of there in less than a half hour.

Buddy had to be sent from Yahweh! He wouldn’t take any money either. Praise be to YAH (HalleluYAH) once again for answering my prayers! May YAH bless Buddy Always! My sister called shortly after and she was amazed at what had just happened.

 07/2005 - Glenn had met some people that gave him a copy of Fossilized Customs. In it contained information about YAH’s Name and the importance of using it. Just month’s ago I was called to speak YAH’s Name only, and this book was a third witness to me. Glenn was my second witness. Since praying in YAH’s Name, my prayers are constantly answered.

6/2006 - Some things had gone wrong with a certain person (she lied) at the health food store that I frequented. I didn’t know if I should shop there anymore and was very torn because I really liked going there. I asked Yahweh to show/tell me (let me know somehow) if I should continue shopping there. Well, the next day my mom and I, out of the blue, decided to go to the local town store (we never go there cause the prices are so high). The owner approached me to get on the Organics email list. I thought, ‘YAH did it again.’ Yahweh always answers me so clearly. Not only can I order what I want, the store is in the same town. Couldn’t ask for a more clear answer than that!

Fall 2005 & 2006 - I’ve been asking Yahweh for mild winters so that the poor will be able to heat their homes. HE has answered 2 yrs. in a row. HalleluYAH!

11/2006 We got an Ozone Generator and one day we set it on full blast, then went out for the day. The generator was facing a group of pictures on the cabinet door. When we got home, only one of the pictures had lost a lot of color, and faded a little bit, but none of the other pictures had any changes. It’s the picture of my sister, me and Alexander. After seeing it, I told Glenn, 'I bet there’s a spiritual reason that it was the only picture that was affected'. Within in a couple of days the picture fell off the cabinet and slipped behind the couch. I told him again that this had to mean something. Well it did!  

12/11/2006 - While asleep, my entire being was overtaken that something bad was going to happen to my sister. It was partly dreams (all of them were about her) but my sister  wasn’t in them. The feeling I had that night, is something I’ve never experienced, while sleeping, before. It was totally based on something bad happening to her and me not being able to figure out my emotions. It was very bothersome to me the next day and I didn’t know if I should call her. My mom said I should. So I did and she wasn’t all that concerned. About a week or two later my sister finds out she’s pregnant. Well, I’m concerned that this experience from a couple of weeks ago might mean something is going to go wrong with her pregnancy. Half of it is happening - I don’t know how or what to feel about her being pregnant because her last pregnancy went bad. I sure hope the bad part is left out and it was just that something was going to happen (the pregnancy). I’m praying that if she’s going to lose the baby, it happens very soon so she doesn’t have to go thru another horrible experience like last time.

12/27/2006 My sister found out that she is going to lose her baby. This is so mind numbing. YAH used me to warn her and I was slightly oblivious to that in the beginning.


 09/2007  The other day my mom and I had an argument.  Mom’s have a way of making us feel like we’re wrong after an argument? Well, I began praying that Yahweh would discipline me if I was wrong and I would apologize. I had laundry hanging out that day and dark clouds were all around (rain was expected). I asked YAH to please rain down on my laundry if I was wrong. I kept praying over and over. Don't you know, the sun started coming out and getting brighter and brighter.  My mom, on the other hand, got spanked! Yahweh dropped her like a ton of bricks at Royal Farms (the same time I was praying for me to be disciplined). She injured both of her legs and one of her feet.  Of course she can't see that she was disciplined. I did not, nor would I ever, pray harm on anybody that offended me. We are to pray for those who offend us, cause YAH sees our mercy and takes care of the disciplining for HIS Own.

What happened to my mom had a two fold answered prayer.   When I was at the farm yesterday 09/11, the owner told me that Lisa was coming over with her son (the 4 yr. old that beats on his mom). I didn't want to see her so I prayed for Yahweh to make her call and cancel. Then I get the call from my mom about her fall. So I had to come home and feed my uncle (he’s slightly autistic), and my son and I didn't have to see Lisa. I was thanking YAH profusely!


 There will be big gap in time where I didn't write anything down, but will add them as they come to me. 

9/2008  One day I was feeling very down to the point of crying.  I had no idea why, because my life is pretty great.  I told another sister that I thought another brother or sister might be in trouble, cause I had no reason to be down.  Well, about a week later, we went to visit some brethren, we hadn't seen in a few months.  We spent the weekend with them and the mom was very down.  There was another family living with them and the two families kind of clashed.  When I got home, I began thinking about the situation, that our sister was in, and I began feeling the same way  as what happened above.  I realized that it was her that my spirit was grieving about that day.    I wrote to this sister and told her what I felt YAH was guiding me to tell her and I haven't experienced that grief again.  Praise YAH!


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